wt+ Presents | Party in Style and Glamour

This party season is gonna be YOUR time to shine so don’t settle for a look that’s less than spectacular! We’ve got your back. Here are our picks that’ll have you looking all glammed up and feeling extra special to celebrate an end to a fantastic year!

Christmas Gift Guide – Cath Kidston Edition

Running out of time to do all that Christmas Shopping for that one friend who is so particular about coordinating their aesthetic in all aspects of life? Well here are some gift ideas from Cath Kidston that your friends and family won’t be able to say no to!

Party Faves and How to Re-Wear Them

Haven’t decided on what to wear for the upcoming year-end party you’re attending? Well, fret not! Look your best this holiday season with our curated top picks and save yourself the hassle of finding another perfect outfit by learning how you can re-rock our favourite pieces. Remember, repeating an outfit is no crime if done right!

10 Stylish Gifts for Secret Santa

Secret Santa; a hilarious bonding experience where gifts should be fun, original and shouldn’t cost too much. Definitely a potential nightmare before Christmas, which is why we’re here to help! Here are some stylish gift ideas for the best round of Secret Santa you and your friends will ever have!

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