How is Wing Tai Retail collaborating with World Wide Fund For Nature Singapore?

We hope to use our influence as a clothing retailer to help reduce the environmental impact of consumption. Through our collaboration with World Wide Fund For Nature Singapore (WWF-Singapore), we aim to raise consumer awareness in new ways people might dispose of their used garments, helping to repurpose used garments, reduce textile waste and contribute towards a circular economy.

For more info, visit www.wwf.sg.

Why should we drop off our used garments at wt+ stores?

Give your used garment a new purpose! They have served you well and now they can move on to others. Kindness pays off. Be rewarded with a 5% off wt+ voucher as a thank you treat when you drop off your garment at any wt+ stores (excluding all departmental stores, sale outlet, pop-up stores and Cath Kidston stores). Voucher T&Cs apply.

Where can I drop off the used garments?

There are garment-collecting boxes at all standalone wt+ stores (excluding all departmental stores, sale outlet, pop-up stores and Cath Kidston stores). Find your nearest store locations

When can we drop our clothes off?

You can drop them off during our usual store operating hours

What happens to the clothes after we donate them?

We are collaborating with Greensquare to keep textile in closed recycling loop. The garment collected will be sorted into different types and categories. The 2 main categories are:

1. Reuse:
– Good quality recyclables are sold to second-hand textiles importers (e.g. thrift shops, 2nd-hand market) in the developing countries so as to enable the less fortunate population to be able to purchase clothes, shoes, etc at an affordable price.

2. Recycle:
– Garments that cannot be reuse will be recycled and sold as industrial cleaning cloth (e.g. for automobile, shipyard, etc) depending on the material of the textiles. The usage is for cleaning lubricants.

For more information, please visit www.greensquare.com.sg.

What can we donate?

It’s for a great cause! So please be considerate & donate responsibly.
Only clean APPAREL will be accepted – Tees, blouses, shirts, dresses, pants, jeans, shorts.
Garment from any brands are welcome for drop off but with some conditions below:

  • Please Do Not pack stained, torn, mouldy and wet items
  • Please Do Not pack toys, books, kitchenware, used undergarment, used socks, pillows, comforter, soft toys, stationery

How to pack garment for donation

Please pack garments in any bags and seal them to prevent any contamination.

I do not have much to drop, is it alright?

Yes! No matter how much or little, every piece counts! But do be consideration of the condition of your donated garments.

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