wt+ introduces Lamalolly

wt+ is excited to announce the opening of the new LAMALOLLY store in VivoCity!  Featuring a collection of well-coveted kids brands.


LAMALOLLY is a one-stop Multi-label Kids brand featuring familiar brands such as Cath Kidston, Du Pureil Au Meme and FOX Kids & Baby.


As a brand, LAMALOLLY believes that personal style is a form of self-expression that children should explore. From everyday essentials to dressy options, picking the perfect pieces from our plethora of clothing choices is, well, child’s play!


Join us at LAMALOLLY VivoCity for a day of fun and a refreshed wardrobe for your child!

WT X Pantler 30 Sep ~ 10 Oct

As part of our Narrative series, wt+ is proud to collaborate with Pantler for a limited time period, showcasing the latest products from our stable of brands.

Pantler Editorial 2-4

Inspired by an artistically decorated home, wt+ x Pantler brings a zen minimalistic environment featuring G2000, Cath Kidston, Fox Kids and Dpam latest collection.

As part of the collaboration, get treated to an exquisitely created cake from the talented Chef Morita.

Named wt+ Multi-Label Cake, the Yuzu, Matcha and Azuki filled Mille Feuille, is a robust, multi layered cake that perfectly encapsulates the values of wt+ and Pantler.

Join us at Pantler from now till 10 October and enjoy a casual day out.

During this time, pick up our colouring card and sign up to be a wt+ member and enjoy exclusive new sign-up rewards!

Pantler is located at 474 River Valley Road. 

Kindly note that Pantler is opened from 10:30am to 6:30pm and is closed on Mondays.

The Narrative ft. Pantler

The Narrative continues with popular local bakery Pantler, well-known for their intricately and lovingly created bakes,

Pantler has stood out in our vibrant local café scene.

The Narrative of Pantler started between two brilliant minds, Matthias Phua and Chef Tomoharu Morita. The gifted Chef Morita, creating beautifully intricate cakes and pastries with the delicate Japanese touch meets the brilliantly enterprising Matthias, began the art of quality at Pantler.

Join us at Pantler from 30 Sep to 10 Oct 2021 for special treats!

Stay tuned to find out more. 


As seen in The Narrative

G2000 Comfort Fit Poplin Pocket Shirt
G2000 Smart Fit Casual Poplin Shirt
G2000 Smart Fit Oxford Shirt
G2000 Smart Fit Elastic Waist Band Flat Front Shorts
G2000 Basic Tee
G2000 Slim Fit Polyester Textured Pants


The Narrative – Drama Edition


We found the true meaning of “let’s have a promenade”, saw the juicy inside drama of the British Monarchy, watch as McDreamy appeared once again and cried with the Scarlet Witch when we heard “what is grief if not love persevering?”

As we continue to fall in love with new characters and old favourites, drama has never been more exciting and widely available as we escape into other realities while staying safely on our couch. 

To start off our new series of Voices of WT+, we have chosen 3 drama lovers to share their reasons on why they love watching dramas, their top 5 picks and many more! 

Giselle Low, Product Visualistion Designer

 A huge fan of drama series, Giselle Low, the graphic designer behind familiar ecommerce sites you shopped from, watches drama series and escapes into the world of the mythical or the Joseon Era. Binge watching Korean drama hits like Hotel Del Luna, Sell Your Haunted House, Mr Queen and The Rebel Princess brings Giselle through a series of emotions – from horror to romance to comedy. 


 The top Korean drama hit, Penthouse, with its uniquely Oscar-worthy cliffhangers leaving you wanting to know more, has definitely captured the attention of Giselle’s. Inspired by Hotel Del Luna main character’s fashion styles, Giselle’s all-black outfit is one of her current go-to outfit that brings out the mysterious yet classic side of her.


Denisya Alvina, Digital Marketer

A drama fanatic, Denisya, the digital marketer behind Cath Kidston Singapore, enjoys watching exciting crime series to reality TV shows to sitcoms that made her laugh, think, cry and laugh all over again. The suspenseful yet engaging crime shows with its fascinating analysis of the criminal minds piqued Denisya’s interest, and she can’t wait to watch the latest CSI Las Vegas (The Remake). 


The popular reality TV shows, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, watched by millions of fans around the world, has definitely inspired many, including Denisya, with their fashion styles, from street-wear to cute dinner outfits for those ‘dress to impress’ days.

Elise Lim, Marketing Communications

Elise, our marketing expert for our fashion brands, finds herself watching dramas as a great form of escape. The humor from The Grey Anatomy to the supernatural and thrilling plot from Vampire Dairies to an action-packed show from Vincenzo kept Elise on the edge of her seat. The fabulous coats and oversized jackets from the Korean Drama, Goblin, inspired Elise’s fashion sense, but if only we are living in a country with four seasons.

G2000’s Drama Inspired Outfit

G2000 Puff Sleeve Midi Dress
G2000 Feather Print Sleeveless Dress with Layered Hem
G2000 Mid Sleeve Oxford Shirt
G2000 Smart Fit Chambray Stand Collar Shirt

The Narrative ft. Ginette Chittick

Introducing an anthology series, The Narrative focuses on the brilliance of people. Going into the heart of matters on what inspires us and what drives us to stay true to our goals. In the series, we meet individuals that makes up the culture and environment of Singapore and we find out their narrative on life.


We meet the brilliantly talented Ginette Chittick, she is a Fashion Designer, DJ, Bassist, Lecturer, Artist and Cat-lover.

You may have seen her latest work, Sewing Discord or maybe saw her spinning music at events, Ginette’s talented flair for arts and music has her the icon for many in the fashion and creative industry. 

We hear from Ginette as she talks about her love affair with wt+, what being a Riot Girl means and the art of change.


Ginette seen here in G2000 Jumpsuit


We talked about how being in a punk band and a Riot Girl moved her to become a champion for the voices in the underground.


Ginette in her studio and talks about perfecting her craft and freedom of expressions.


As seen in The Narrative

G2000 Deluxe Poly Folded Front Blouse
Cath Kidston Cherries Collection
Cath Kidston Summer Floral Billie Mug
G2000 Midi Length Skirt With Pleated Panel
G2000 Striped Popli Midi Dress
G2000 Sleeveless Jumpsuit

Lucky Colours To Wear in 2020

Looking to usher in the Lunar New Year in style AND prosperity? Then it’s time to align the colours of your 2020 wardrobe according to your Zodiac sign! Check out the 4 colour palettes that will keep you lucky (and winning every mahjong session) this festive season. 


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