wt+ wish

We got your submissions for wt+ wish and here are some of the wishes we manage to fulfill.

For one to be so filial and hardworking, your son is truly a precious gem amongst all the stones. We will be sending you a wt+ gift card worth $500 so that you can do some shopping for him. We hope that the new clothes won’t just give him a boost in confidence and for his career, but also to let him know that his efforts are well appreciated by his mother who loves him very much.


Though your family’s main pillar of support is not in his full strength, as you said, you are still always grateful and thankful each new day, that he is here to celebrate another Christmas and another year with your family. Thank you for sharing your story with us. We are very happy to provide your parents a staycation proudly sponsored by Hotel G Singapore. In addition, we will also be sending you a wt+ gift card worth $200, cause shopping definitely eases one’s minds temporarily from worries and burden.


People often have a hard time gifting for someone who “has everything”. It’s much harder to gift for someone who’s been through everything. Though we won’t be able to send you and your mother to a buffet dinner, we are very happy to be providing a very nice meal for two at Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar, proudly sponsored by Hotel G Singapore. On top of that, we will also be sending you a wt+ gift card worth $200, cause a strong and courageous woman such as your mother deserves some gorgeous clothes.




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