Ways to Work the Utilitarian Trend

It’s time to welcome both fashion and function into your wardrobe as the utilitarian aesthetic is all the rage this season!

Read on to find out how you can nail this trend and strike a perfect balance between style and practicality.

Return of Camo

Never doubt the full-circle power of a 90s favourite — camouflage prints. One way to embrace the utilitarian trend this spring is to add a touch of camo to your daily dressing.

TOPSHOP Sand Raw Hem Shacket S$89.90
TOPSHOP Black Cut Out Top S$43.90
TOPSHOP Camouflage Denim Skirt S$76.90
TOPSHOP Camouflage Denim Clip Buckle Pinafore Dress S$79.90
TOPSHOP Rib High Neck Racer Vest S$23.90
TOPSHOP Nora Studded Cross Body Bag S$56.90

Don’t be afraid to forward march towards this much-loved and versatile print!

DOROTHY PERKINS Camo Brushed Joggers S$53.90
MISS SELFRIDGE Black 3/4 Sleeved Rib Button Bodysuit S$46.90
TOPSHOP Raw Hem Camouflage Shacket S$89.90
TOPSHOP Petite Sand Camouflage Jacket S$99.90
TOPSHOP Cairo Chunky Trainers S$89.90
TOPSHOP Marley Mini Bag S$49.90

Modern Safari

Sharp and simple, safari style clothing also screams utilitarian. The question is, how do you wear it?

To rock the modern safari look without compromising femininity, neutral hues and linen shirt dresses are the way to go.

BURTON MENSWEAR LONDON Khaki Muscle Fit Short Sleeve Oxford Shirt S$49.90
TOPMAN Black Pinstripe Cropped Joggers S$109
DOROTHY PERKINS Khaki Linen Shirt Dress S$69.90
DOROTHY PERKINS Stone Linen Shirt Dress S$69.90

Channel your inner expeditionary and create a raft of sophisticated and comfortable warm-weather ensembles that you can live in all year-round.

TOPMAN Desert Mountains Slim Shirt S$73.90
TOPMAN Smoked Pearl T-Shirt S$33.90
TOPMAN Stretch Skinny Chino Shorts S$56.90
TOPMAN Stone Single Breasted Mac S$149
TOPMAN Brown Ranger Boots S$103

The Perfect One-Piece

That’s right, you no longer have to be a mechanic or painter to wear a boiler suit.

For a fun night out, counteract the workwear vibes with silkier alternatives and add a pop of colour.

TOPSHOP Belted Utility Boiler Suit S$136
TOPSHOP Delilah Belt Bag S$49.90
MISS SELFRIDGE Striped Green Boiler Suit S$86.90 (U.P. S$123)

Highly functional and versatile, boiler suits are the ultimate all-in-one wardrobe solution for the utilitarian chic look.

TOPSHOP Tonic Boiler Suit S$149
TOPSHOP Chicago Chunky Trainers S$89.90
TOPSHOP Utility Zip Boiler Suit S$136
TOPSHOP Denim Utility Boiler Suit S$136
DOROTHY PERKINS Grey Casual Buckle Crossbody S$56.90
DOROTHY PERKINS Grey Pu Danielle Court Heels S$53.90

Functionally Formal

Bring this trend to work and drive away the monotony of workwear. For an effortless fashion-forward utilitarian look, throw on an oversized outerwear like your favourite trench coat.

G2000 Stripe Shirt Dress S$119
G2000 Trench Coat S$199
G2000 CVC Dobby Textured Shirt S$69
G2000 Trench Coat with Hood S$219
G2000 Flat Front Slim Fit Pants S$69

The trick to nailing the utilitarian trend at work is to play with clean lines and basic shapes while keeping your looks sharp.

TOPMAN Grey Check Slim Crop Trousers S$99.90
TOPMAN Grey Harbour Mist Satin Stretch Skinny Shirt S$99.90
TOPMAN Black Ditsy Polka Dot Stretch Skinny Shirt S$86.90
TOPMAN Black Slim Suit Jacket S$169
TOPMAN Fly Toecap Shoes S$113

The Art of Detailing

Just like all other fashion trends, the details matter. If you’re sick of shallow pockets and cumbersome handbags, get ready for a new age of practicality with useful adornments like bumbags, patch pockets, functional zips and large buckles.

TOPSHOP Shiny High Neck Funnel Top S$46.90
TOPSHOP Tan Clip Buckle Denim Skirt S$79.90
TOPSHOP Micro Bandeau Top S$13.90
TOPSHOP Short Sleeve Shirt S$66.90
TOPSHOP Combat Camouflage Trousers S$96.90

TOPSHOP Dash Zip Bumbag S$39.90
TOPSHOP Black Buckle Joni Jeans S$126
TOPSHOP Shell Tie Dye T-Shirt S$46.90
TOPSHOP Double Pocket Utility Shirt S$76.90
TOPMAN Khaki Ottoman T-Shirt S$29.90
TOPMAN Off White Denim Jacket With Embroidery S$126
TOPMAN Stone Utility Shorts S$79.90
TOPMAN Black Round Text Cross Body Bag S$39.90
TOPMAN Beige, Blue And White Panel T-Shirt S$29.90
TOPMAN Charcoal Tapered Trousers S$109

Whether they’re placed on relaxed shapes or streamlined silhouettes, these practical details may come in so handy you won’t even need a bag.

TOPSHOP Double Pocket Denim Jacket S$96.90
TOPSHOP Rory Belted Utility Trousers S$89.90
TOPSHOP Petite Denim Double Buckle Skirt S$76.90
TOPSHOP Slim Utility Shirt S$76.90
TOPSHOP Buckle Ribbed Crop Cami Top S$29.90
TOPSHOP Berlin Black Bumbag S$39.90
TOPSHOP Downtown Crocodile Effect Two Part Mules S$66.90

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