Topman Suits – Tailored To You

Got muscles? There’s a suit for that. Cycling to work? There’s a suit for that too. Special occasion coming up? There’s a… well, you get the idea. It doesn’t matter who you are, how you’re built or where you’re going, Topman has a suit that’s tailored to you.



Does the rippling muscle of your sculpted physique burst, hulk-like, out of every suit you try on? Then this is the suit for you. Tailored for a muscular frame, the muscle fit outlines and emphasises your shoulders, chest, biceps and thighs. Its technologically advanced fabric was specifically engineered to stretch as you flex.



Your commute could be a cross country triathlon in the middle of a rainstorm – if you do it in this suit you’ll look as good when you arrive as you did when you first put it on. Developed with cyclists in mind, this suit features a crease resistant fabric and roll-up reflective hems. The perfect blend of style and function, the Travel Series’ stretch fabric provides optimum comfort throughout the day.




Sick of wasting your hard-earned cash on bad suits you wear once in a blue moon? Our top notch event suits are so good you’ll be looking for excuses to trot yours out. Luxurious fabrics, contemporary cuts and stand-out detailing combine to make our suiting the perfect option for any summer event. Wedding, prom or races, our mix of traditional tailoring and contemporary design own every occasion.


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