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Eco-friendly Travel Gear For Your Next Vacation

All geared up for your next holiday already?  Before you fly, why not switch your typical travel essentials to their more sustainable counterpart? Not only are they equally convenient, they’re healthier for the environment – and you! Check out our top picks for an easy green travel.

Guide To Top Ecotourism Destinations

Travel enriches the mind and soul, which is why many of us always look forward to a vacation. Yet, mass tourist accommodations and activities tend to rack up tons of carbon footprint. With these ecotourism destinations, quench your wanderlust while being gentle on Mother Earth!

Top 6 Travel Icons to Follow

It’s almost year-end and if you’re looking for some travel inspiration to motivate you through the last quarter of 2018, here are the Top 6 Instagram accounts that are going to give you some serious wanderlust and perhaps an inspiration for future travels!

10 Simple Ways To Save Money When In Tokyo

Japan has definitely become quite the tourist hotspot in the last couple of years – and for good reason! It’s filled with exciting activities and picturesque sceneries travellers need to experience at least once in their lifetime! However, with the extensive amount of places to see, things to do, and food to eat, it can be quite a strain to the wallet. So we’ve curated a list of money saving tips that will help cut the cost, but not the experience! Read on how to enjoy Tokyo on a budget.

Which City Should You Visit Next

Travel in itself is a mood, aspiration and state of mind – very much like each and everyone’s personal style. Many will go out of their way to match their clothes with the aesthetics of their travel destination. Well, it’s time to turn it around and match your style to the city instead. Take the quiz below by picking an outfit and you’ll find out where you should travel to next!

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