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Singaporean Overseas – Seoul Edition

Personally, I’ve always wanted to live overseas. Spend a few months in a foreign place, bask in its sights and sounds, then move onto the next. I’ve embarked on this voyage by spending close to a year in sleepless Seoul.

Singaporean Overseas – NYC Edition

With a portfolio filled to the brim with shoot spreads with noteworthy publications and even an award to her name, Singaporean photographer, Lenne Chai (@lenneigh), has sailed the seas to pursue her dream of being a fashion photographer. Here’s a sneak peek into a day in The Big Apple through Lenne’s lens.

Singaporean Overseas – Japan Edition

Of the various countries and cities I have lived in thus far, Japan has been one of the most perplexing, but exciting places. Learning a new language and immersing myself in a new business environment in Tokyo has been both a challenging and rewarding experience. Since moving to Japan over a year ago, I have had the opportunity to visit beautiful towns and experience various local cultural customs unknown to most foreign tourists. Japan has so much to offer, but for those who do not live here or speak Japanese, it is often difficult to access information about places...

Singaporean Overseas – Glasglow Edition

I was there in Glasgow for 4 whole weeks on my school exchange and I could honestly say Glasgow is a very welcoming and homely place to visit. It was quite an experience being there where the arts and culture of Glasgow can be seen all around the place. One thing really great about Glasgow is how accessible the place is and how you can really explore the place by walking from one place to another because everything is just so near each other!

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