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Beginners’ Guide To Being Fashionably Responsible

There comes a point in all of our lives where we have to face the skeletons in our closet:  the piles of unworn and unwanted clothes that we’ve kept hostage for so long. But if these pieces don’t belong in our wardrobes, where should they go? For many, the unfortunate answer is ‘the trash’.

Singaporean Overseas – Czech Republic Edition

Prague, The Czech Republic, is not one’s top choice to move to. Most Singaporeans, including myself, have no idea where The Czech Republic is located on the world map. The Czech Republic was once known as Czechoslovakia, but in 1993, it split into two states, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Prague is surrounded by countries such as Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia and the official language in Prague is Czech. You can Google it! It’s not a very big state as compared to Germany, but here’s a minimap I drew for all to see.

Budget Beach Holiday Destinations

No one needs an excuse for a vacation, but since it’s “summer”, it’s the perfect time to hit the soft sandy beaches and show off that bikini bod. Take a short flight to the sunny shores of these South-East Asian beach destinations for the ultimate getaway on a budget.

Singaporean Overseas – Barcelona Edition

It’s been close to 4 years since we moved abroad and 3 years to Barcelona, also our 6th home we have moved to and I’m glad to say that we can finally call this home, for now. Here are some of the ways we enjoy Barcelona these days.

Singaporean Overseas – Brazil Edition

Singaporeans love to travel and it does help that we do have the best passport in the world with the highest visa-free score. But travelling and living/working overseas are two completely different stories, so what is it like to be a Singaporean overseas?

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