Soundtrack of the Season – Runway Music

Stop, look and listen

Whether you’re lucky enough to attend a fashion show in the flesh or are stuck within the confines of your room or office to watch them live on Vogue Runway, know this: there is more to this than just the parading of the season’s latest collections. The set — Chanel’s huge indoor man-made waterfall is an homage to nature that ties in with the inspiration behind the collection. The extravagant invitations — Gucci’s immaculate tin box that held the invites to this season’s show (no surprises from the very detail-oriented Alessandro Michele). It’s all about the lengths gone to leave little breadcrumbs that lead up to the final reveal of months of hard work; its vision set by the creative director through the silhouettes, luxurious fabrics, ornate buttons and zips.

Yeah, you’ve seen the live streams throughout the month of September – but what was it that drew you in? Anything at all? What about the moment of anticipation right after the lights go out? The first few notes that lead the opening look, making or breaking any collection, anchoring the mood for the show entirely — We’ve seen and heard it all: blasts from the past, remixes, pop classics with a new twist and even live performances by the artists themselves. And now that we’re moving away from talking about “must haves” runway trends (we’ve seen them all, really), let’s shine the spotlight on some of the coolest soundtracks we’ve heard this season.



While Ed Sheeren’s tunes may not particularly accumulate groundbreaking soundtrack, I thought the Hiplet Ballerinas from Chicago’s Creative Media and Digital Culture Program was the cherry on top.

Saint Laurent

Maryam Nassir Zadeh


One word: Solange.



Prada will never not be on this list with many thanks to their ingenious soundtrack curator, Frederich Sanchez.



I’m excited to see who’ll be taking over the inimitable Phoebe Philo for Celine next season but for now — You’re all I need to get by… Truer words were never spoken.



Let the sounds of Esquivel take you to a beach somewhere far away, sippin’ on fresh juice in the sun — all while wearing this ridiculously large-yet-chic hat from Simon Porte Jacquemus’ take on a 50’s beach chic, inspired by his mother.



A tribute to Gianni Versace indeed, with a show-stopping line of supermodels, a collection that digs into the Versace archives and even a soundtrack to his legacy.

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