Singaporean Instagrammers to Follow

Are you slightly bored with the people that you have been following on Instagram? Are you looking for new faces and profiles to make you keep you entertained on the social media platform? Fashion, Travel, Photography, Food, you name it, they have it. Here is a list of Instagrammers you should follow depending on the type of genres you’re interested in.

(@atravelerslight on Instagram)

Jamie was the top 20 finalist for Female GP and she not only is a fashion blogger and Instagrammer that you need to add on your following list but posts about her travels will give you the feels to apply a long holiday to travel and treat yourself. If you enjoy looking at simple and aesthetic pictures with a cool filter, she’s also the one to follow.

(@marxmae on Instagram)

She is bold, she is strong, she is fashionable and she is Singaporean’s version of Korea’s Top Model, Soo Joo Park. Mae is Singapore’s IT girl and she has participated in Fashion Weeks in Milan, Paris and more. Her style and unique look screams “Bada**!” and isn’t that a good enough reason why you should follow her; she’s the fashion icon that you should look up to, to dress up for the glam and gram.

C. R Tan
(@xlbcr on Instagram)

Because what is Instagram without a little food porn? C.R Tan has his own blog too, mainly focusing on photography, props and food styling but what makes him one of the Instagrammers to follow? His ability to make simple dishes that we can get from coffee shops look like the main course served in Michelin restaurants.

Lenne Chai
(@lenneigh on Instagram)

Lenne Chai’s fantastic photography skills will be the reason to follow this account especially if you’re interested in fashion and everything aesthetic. Not only that, this talented photographer has worked with brands like Puma, H&M and SK-II and her works have also been published in Teen Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle Girl. You have to admit, a few aesthetic pleasing photos on your newsfeed is always a good idea, especially being taken and edited by such a talented photographer.

Leslie Heng
(@blackmobil on Instagram)

He can make dull and boring places look like an Instagram worthy place. Ever needed a place to take pictures just to update your Instagram? Are you getting sick and tired of the common backgrounds that you’ve been using to take your OOTD photos? Well, he will be the one to give you a few ideas about where you could try taking them. Prepare your cameras because his Instagram posts will give you some inspiration on how to take some seriously good-looking photos at the location that you never once thought was Insta-worthy.

(@730rollers on Instagram)

Looking for something different? Maybe something unique? Something vintage? Young Delvin who recently graduated from Temasek Polytechnic has a dressing so striking and different, making you want to be friends with this cool looking guy. If you ever need some Instagrammers to look up to, he would be the one to give ideas on how to dress like a hipster.

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Nicholas Tan
(@stormscape on Instagram)

Are you one of those that take forever to think about a place to eat and have trouble deciding what you should grab for lunch? Well, this is the Instagrammer that you need to follow right now. He is a food writer and also a travel vlogger. Not only will his pictures make you drool, but he also does recommendations to all the new food places and hidden gems that you can grab your lunch right now without contemplating what to eat.

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