Packing for Winter Like A Pro!

Winter is coming and we all know, the frosty winds and snow storms differ in the different parts of the world. Wanna know the secret to styling layers of warm clothing without looking like a wrapped dumpling? Read on to find out!

Afterall, it isn’t a winter holiday till you get to take some beautiful travel #OOTDs to match the beautiful scenery around you!

Cool as a Cucumber

This is probably the most ideal winter climate for most people. You won’t have to worry about layering too much and risk looking like an overstuffed turkey.

With temperatures of 0-10 degrees, it is comfortable to just stroll along the streets of Oxford in London or have a picnic under the Eiffel Tower in Paris in just a light leather jacket and a thin sweater.

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Throw on a pair of jeans over your leather jacket or sweater and you’ve got the perfect outfit for a casual day out!

Cold and Collected (-10 to 0 degrees)

If you’re looking for a winter wonderland in Japan this winter, head on over to Hokkaido! Go snowshoeing in Noboribetsu or try your hand at ice fishing! Check out what other winter activities you can get up to in Japan here!

Winter is also the perfect timing to put on a hanbok in Korea or a kimono in Japan without breaking a sweat. Plus, with your hanbok, you can even enter the palaces in Korea for free!

If you’re heading to Seoul, you’ll definitely want to take a day trip out to the Vivaldi Ski Resort. With 12 different slopes to pick from, you won’t have to worry even if you’re a beginner.

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It can get pretty chilly in Japan or Korea, especially if you’re heading up to the ski resorts or going ice fishing. We’d definitely recommend a thick coat, a knitted beanie and a pair of non slip boots to keep every part of you safe and toasty!

Arctic Cold (-10 degrees to -20 degrees)

They say quality over quantity and this is definitely true when it comes to layering up for the harsh arctic winter. While you’re out whale watching in Iceland, husky sledding in Norway or catching the northern lights in Finland, staying out in the harsh cold winds and even snow storms is definitely no easy feat if you’re not dressed right.

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Hunting for the aurora can be a pretty tricky situation. It involves waiting in the cold for ages and the last thing you’d want is to be freezing while waiting. You’ll want to cover up for your day out in the Scandinavian winter. Furry boots, a thick and warm down jacket, wooly turtlenecks and scarves are all essentials you’ll need for your northern light hunt!

The Fabrics Matter

Not all sweaters are created equal and definitely not all sweaters are meant for the winter. Opt for Merino wool sweaters and you won’t have to wear that many layers!

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Rain or Shine (or Snow)

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Winter is extremely unpredictable. You can have sunshine one hour and it could be pouring or worse, snowing the next! You should always have with you a waterproof jacket just in case. Afterall, the last thing you’d want is to be drenched in the freezing cold.

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