Mini Me – Dressing Up With Mummy

Mother-daughter bonds are powerful and mothers and daughters would always influence each other. What are other ways better than influencing each other’s dressing style?

Meet Shiela (mother) and Simone (daughter) and Venetia (mother) and Korra (daughter).

Shiela’s outfit:
Karen Millen – Asymmetric Neckline Top, $129
Karen Millen – Abstract Print Shorts, $169
Simone’s outfit:
FOX KIDS & BABY (Girls) – Pink Bazooka Frilled Sleeved Tee, $19.90
FOX KIDS & BABY (Girls) – Black Denim Shorts with Patches, $29.90

Venetia’s outfit:
WAREHOUSE – Asymmetric Sleeveless Dress, $123
Korra’s outfit:
FOX KIDS & BABY (Baby Girls) – White Star Print Tulle Dress, $34.90

Nothing makes a mom happier than looking at her daughter smile.

Shiela’s outfit:
Dorothy Perkins – Red and Striped Embroidered Shirt, $73.90
Simone’s outfit:
FOX KIDS & BABY (Girls) – Denim Dress with Embroidery, $39.90

Denim dresses all day, every day!

Venetia’s outfit:
Dorothy Perkins – Blue Drop Waist Embroidered Denim Skater Dress, $89.90
Korra’s outfit:
FOX KIDS & BABY (Baby Girls) – (outfit details not available)

Lace is what every girl needs in their wardrobe!

Shiela’s outfit:
Dorothy Perkins – Blue Midwash Embroidered Playsuit, $89.90
Simone’s outfit:
FOX KIDS & BABY (Girls) – Broderie Anglaise Blouse, $34.90
FOX KIDS & BABY (Girls) – Denim Shorts with Lace Trims, $34.90

You can never go wrong with monochrome and stripes!

Venetia’s outfit:
Dorothy Perkins – Ivory Striped Wrapped Top, $66.90
WAREHOUSE – Compact Cotton Ruffle Skirt, $109
Korra’s outfit:
FOX KIDS & BABY (Girls) – Ribbed Dress with Frilled Sleeve, $29.90
FOX KIDS & BABY (Baby Girls) – Black Tulle Skirt, $29.90

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