Local Artists To Keep A Look Out For

We all know The Sam Willows, Nathan Hartono, and Gentlebones for their amazing music and heartfelt lyrics, but there’s more to Singapore’s music scene you may not have discovered that may surprise you. Here are some rising home grown artists you should keep your eyes peeled for. We assure you, they’re the next big thing.

(Image credits: The Urban Wire)

Some might say Disco Hue is Singapore’s very own version of CHVRCHES or The Naked and Famous, with their extremely unique blend of indie rock, electronic and funk, it is tough to classify them under one genre. Disco Hue is a fresh mix of electronic dance music with a live setting. Formed in 2011, Disco Hue were faced with challenges and obstacles and had many unexpected turns along the way, however this only made them stronger and better when they finally broke through and had their first solo gig last year in May 2016. Check out their latest single, “I’ll be waiting” and their first single, “Gotta find you”. We assure, you would not be disappointed.

Song recommendation: Plastic hearts

(Image credits: Pulseradio)

Listen to her first single, “1057”, which was written and produced by her and you will understand why she is in our list of artists to keep your eyes out for. “1057” is a reference to the word “LOST”, it is raw and original, with lyrics many of us can relate to. New York based producer, Lucian, also reached out to the young Singaporean artist for collaboration, the track “Close to you” is now available on Youtube and Spotify. I suggest you give it a listen for an electrifying experience.

Song recommendation: 1057

(Image credits: TheHoneyCombers)

This one’s for all the Singaporean males who went through or is currently going through National Service. 19 year old singer-producer who goes by Of Methodist, latest single “Sar 21” is about the army. His unique genre has been described as R&B with hints of trap. He is definitely doing it right, riding on the alternative R&B hype, with his falsetto that is as smooth as butter. If you’re into The Weeknd, Flume or both, be sure to check him out. He could very well be the next big thing, of course, after he completes his National Service duties.

Song recommendation: Sar 21

(Image credits: Space Bib)

From what started out as cover band, The Façade, is now an alternative indie pop-rock band that now has amazing tracks to call their own. The Façade consists of 4 extremely different individuals, but they managed to find their own genre that makes them unique just the way they are. With musicality that would instantly remind you of The 1975, you would find yourself replaying their songs over and over again. The band just released their new single, “White”, do yourself a favour and give it a listen, you can thank us later. In September 2016, the band released their debut original single ‘Better Than This’, which topped the overall iTunes chart at #2 within the first day of its release. The release of their second single ‘Victim’ has also claimed #4 on the iTunes alternative chart, and now has more than 150,000 hits on Spotify.

Song recommendation: Victim


(image credits: bandwagon asia)

Formerly known as Take Two, M1LDL1FE (pronounced as “mildlife”), now produces indie pop with eclectic grooves. They were first conceived as a university hall cover band and wrote their first originals in college dorm basements, garnering attention with their brazen indie-rock pop sound and energetic live shows.

Song recommendation: Distraction

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