Freddie Mercury: A Style Icon

Decades may have passed since his passing, but the king of Queen will never be forgotten. More than an extraordinary performer, Freddie Mercury also redefined male fashion trends forever. From stage to screen, here are some of the man’s most iconic looks and how you could replicate them!

Speak Your Mind with These Anne-Marie Looks

Even if you don’t recognise her, we’re sure that you’ve heard Anne-Marie’s strong vocals on the radio. The 27-year old Brit, born Anne-Marie Rose Nicholson, has recently surged in popularity, reaching #1 on Billboard with her single with Marshmello, FRIENDS.

Remembering Mac Miller

I could fly home with my eyes closed  Malcom James McCormick, or Mac Miller, has bid all of us farewell at the age of 26. He started his musical journey ever since he was a little boy and his passion never stopped. Apart from his musical talents, Miller’s tremendous popularity in the scene is attributed to his kind, funny and open heart.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Clean Bandit

Tune after tune, Clean Bandit has been on top of their game. This UK trio, consisting of Grace Chatto and brothers – Luke and Jack Patterson, have not disappointed with their noteworthy artist collaborations and addictive harmony. We delve into what makes them so special and 5 things that really set them apart.

Why Don’t We – The American Pop Boy Band

A new all-american pop boy band, Why Don’t We is up and coming and we are so excited to hear all the hits these 5 fresh additions to the music scene has to offer! The group consists of Zach Herron, Robert Avery, Corbyn Besson and Jonah Marais. These fantastic five have the classic boy band style that we all love to admire, and here’s how you recreate outfits inspired from their music videos!

Cardi B: Slay Queen

Cardi B has been absolutely slaying the game with chart dominating hit being rolled out one after the other. She’s transcended genres and exceeded early critics’ expectations of her being a one hit wonder. Today, we take a look at Cardi’s fearless swag and style as we look through some of her most fashionable music videos to date.

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