Best Colour for Your Skintone

The beauty of diversity is variety and that means – we have more clothes to choose from! With this privilege, we’ve got to make the most out of the choices! So let’s delve right into it – do you know the most flattering colour for your skin tone?

My Fair Ladies

To all my fair ladies (and gents) out there, what you’re looking for are darker shades that will create contrast. This not only draws attention to your complexion but accentuates the translucency of your light-tones.

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Going dark doesn’t mean you have to wear nothing but black. Amp it up with prints and experiment with different silhouettes to suit your style! Regardless if it’s preppy or girly, keep the base colour dark and you’re good to go!

It’s not a hard and fast rule to have a closet of entirely black co-ords. Mix it up some light colours while letting the dark piece be the star!

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Richer, deeper hues are your best friends. Explore khakis, burgundys and charcoals instead of white, beige and frost.

Olive You

Gotta love the olive tone. Your skin tone looks amazing in most colours! So you can be bold and play with colours that are either darker or lighter than your natural yellow/green undertone!

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A red number will be a show stopper on you, for sure.

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More neutral colours like grey and blue will also pair well together. Yellow, sand and beige might run the risk of you looking dull or even naked!

Deep Divas

Here we have those who can pretty much try their hand at (almost) the entire colour palette!

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Bright colours like yellow and cobalt blue are all the hype right now and it would complement beautifully.

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Colours that contrast your skin tone will make you stand out!

Here’s the ultimate style tip – don’t subscribe adamantly to a certain trend or rule. Wear what makes you feel confident while keeping in mind which colours would accentuate your features!

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