6 Questions with Tabitha Nauser

Tabitha Nauser | Singer

Tabitha Nauser

1. What was the inspiration behind your hit single “Bulletproof”?

The song is about love. It’s about love that can conquer the toughest obstacles and come out stronger on the other side.

2. Now that you’ve released your debut single “Bulletproof”, what’s next?

I’m working on releasing my second single around late September/early October, and after that, all my attention will be focused on finishing up my EP.

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3. How was it like starting out in the entertainment industry at such a young age?

It was definitely quite daunting in the beginning because you’re being exposed to criticism from everyone about everything you do. And at such a young age, you’re still figuring yourself out. But it also trained me to fine-tune my craft and to know what I want and how to work towards getting it.

4. What is one misconception that people have about you that you wish to clear?

Haha! I have a resting bitch face, so people who don’t know me or have never spoken to before assume I’m upset or angry. But it’s not true!

Tabitha Nauser

5. We know that you’re obsessed with sneakers, how many pairs do you own and which is your absolute favourite?

At this point, I’ve lost track. I have an entire wall, pretty much, of shoe boxes just stacked up. If I had to choose a favourite, it would be the Jordan 12 Taxi’s I got when I was 6yrs old, they were my first pair of sneakers ever and I still keep them!

Tabitha Nauser

6. Pick one: Denim or lace?

This is a tough one! But I think I have to go with lace. It can be delicate and demure or tough and outstanding, depending how you use it.

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