How is Wing Tai Retail Management collaborating with World Wide Fund For Nature Singapore in conjunction with PACT (Plastic ACTion)?

Following our initiative of Repurpose Fashion in March 2019, we hope to continue to use our influence as a clothing retailer to help reduce environmental waste in our community. We have signed a PACT (Plastic ACTion) with World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore’s (WWF- Singapore), in aiming to raise consumer awareness in reducing single-use plastic and paper and eliminate plastic pollution by 2030.

For more info, visit https://www.wwf.sg/business/pact/

What exactly is PACT?

Started by WWF-Singapore, PACT (Plastic ACTion) is a voluntary, business initiative to eliminate plastic pollution in nature and towards a circular economy on plastics where no materials are wasted. PACT recognises the integral role that businesses have in the production and consumption of plastics globally, and the need for more accountability for the plastics these businesses introduce into the market.

With growing momentum across the world against plastics, businesses have been looking to take action. However, we need to avoid incomplete or fragmented measures like replacing plastics with materials that can have a higher environmental footprint, or alternatives that might lead to worse environmental outcomes. Under the PACT initiative, WWFs team works with businesses, to provide advice, assistance and helps them take science-based decisions every step of the way.

Where are the participating outlets?

Drop by standalone wt+ stores such as Cath Kidston, DPAM, FOX Kids & Baby and G2000 (excluding all departmental stores). Find your nearest store locations

What happens to proceeds collected from this initiative?

All proceeds garnered from this initiative will be donated in its entirety to WWF-Singapore in support of its conservation efforts

Can I exchange or refund the reusable tote bag after purchase?

Unfortunately, no exchanges and refunds are allowed after purchase of the reusable tote bag.

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